Artichokes Anti-Inflammatory Benefits

21/12/2009 Artichokes or more precisely artichoke leaf extract has been found to be great at keeping cholesterol levels down. The artichoke leaf extract is made from the leaves found at the stem of the artichoke plant itself. The majority of people only eat the heart of these vegetables and leave the leaves aside, yet research reveals that they are the best part of it.

ALE has been utlised by herbalists as a means to enable the liver to cleanse itself by keeping the bile circulating efficiently. However as a powerful antioxidant, ALE can also be used as a way to detox the body by rejuvenating the diet.

Other health areas that ALE has been known to be very beneficial are with gastrointestinal disorders, digestive problems, abdominal pain, indigestion, gas, nausea, acid reflux disease and vomiting. Additionally, ALE keeps the gallbladder in top working order.

A research project carried out at Reading University in the UK had 75 study participants take either an ALE tablet or a placebo pill over a period of 3 months. They found that those on the ALE tablet were able to keep their cholesterol within safe boundaries as compared to those on the placebo. The researchers felt this was a great potential for ALE as most people with high blood pressure need to take statins in order to control it. Stains also come with many other side effects which mean doctors are left weighing up the for’s and agianst’s before prescribing them to patients. AKLE is being considered as a safe alternative

Dr. Rafe Bundy, one of the doctors involved in the study said that reducing cholesterol levels can, “Reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Our research investigated whether ALE could be beneficial to otherwise healthy people who had raised levels of cholesterol but were not yet at a stage where they needed standard medical intervention.”


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